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The International Women & Minorities Racing Museum 

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The International Women & Minorities Racing Museum is an organization and is being formed to provide unique and meaningful auto racing programming for all children and to educate them in the history of auto racing throughout the world, building a lifelong audience for the love of auto racing.  We plan to offer a dynamic and constantly evolving program.  Although we will be incorporating all of the finer parts of the world of auto racing into our programs, our focus is on the history of the sport. Most activities will be open-ended and enjoyed on a walk-in basis. The Museum will be staffed by auto enthusiasts, but all structured activities will be led by master auto racing enthusiasts, actual racers, racing mechanics and the like. 

            We are seeking funding for initial start-up costs that will be used for legal fees,  architectural and physical improvements, rent and related expenses, licensing, insurance,  office equipment, and supplies, furniture, inventory, consultants, and an initial ready-cash account for emergencies and other issues that may need immediate attention.  We estimate that approximately 60% of The Museum’s annual revenue will be generated by a  combination of paid memberships, Museum admission fees, programming, retail sales,  classes, and other related activities and projects. 
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